Last Room / Dépli

From the footage he shot in Japan, director Pierre Carniaux teamed up with artist Thierry Fournier to create together a diptych, composed of the film Last Room and the interactive artwork Dépli. This project proposes a new form of cinematographic writing that engages the viewer’s gaze, status, and practice.

The film Last Room deals with the relationship between the collective and the intimate, the spoken word and the landscape. It combines stories shot in hotel rooms with a collective history surrounding the abandoned island of Gunkanijima.

The interactive project Dépli enables viewers to navigate through the film Last Room’s shots and space-time, using a tactile interface. A “playable” cinema, in which the viewer reclaims, through his gestures, part of the cinematographic writing. Developed on tablet, Dépli can be exhibited and played in a movie theater, an exhibition or at home.

In 2013, Shellac and Pandore publish a special box set including the DVD of Last Room, the interactive artwork Dépli for iPad and a book dedicated to the project, with texts by Philippe Avril, Pierre Carniaux, Nicolas Feodoroff, Thierry Fournier, Jean-Pierre Rehm and Anne-Lou Vicente.

Last Room has been selected at FIDMarseille 2011 Official Selection / French Competition / First Film Competition.

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